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Welcome to the Dealing with Cancer website. This website has been set up in order to provide answers to any questions about Dealing with Cancer you might have, and is full of links and resources on the subject.

The activities that promote good health can still be of value for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Even with such a diagnosis, health is a continuum which the on-going activity of the individual, or patient, can still have a major effect. The health of cancer sufferers just as dependent on the same variables as those of normal, healthy people, like their diet choices, their genetic predisposition, the amount of exercise and activity they undertake, the condition of their surrounding environment, the amount of sleep and rest they get, as well as their state of mind.

It is critical for cancer sufferers to maintain this effort at a healthy state of existence, remaining positive at all times, with the desire to seek wellness remaining at the forefront of their mind. This active decision to be well can play a major part in a cancer sufferer’s recovery. Health can be an active experience, providing a genuine commitment to seeking wellness.

There is great interest in natural health and wellness cures among people suffering chronic diseases, and there is a great interest in health food shops in which they can access nutritional supplements vitamins, and super-foods, to aid their battle against their disease.

However this cannot be the sole course of treatment. Instead it can only be seen as an additional treatment. We are always keen to hear what you think about our Dealing with Cancer website.


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